BLiK, french manufacturer, has been for nearly 25 years an european specialist of materials dedicated to the destruction of waste and reducing volume and the recovery of waste and by-products     
    BLiK designs, studies, develops and manufactures “universal” crushers with rotating blades for a wide range of industrial purposes.
BLIK Compactors
Vibrating table

       These uniquely designed crushers come in a variety of configurations ranging from 2 to 18 kW and benefit from special design patents which make them easy to run and to service.

They can be used for destroying and reducing huge volumes of a wide range of industrial waste materials
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Exclusive and innovative solutions assure unique performances as well as quick and easy maintenance.

The new building BLIK, Z.I. Chenet can cope with the increased activity, especially for export
Assembly hall of medium and heavy equipment
bridge crane with a 10 tons capacity
Crushers 1 rotor
Crushers 2 rotors 
Cylinder-crushers for finish
Crushers 4 rotors 

Blik Mobile installation
The BLIK crushers solutions
for many products (with video)
BLIK special installations
BLIK barrel presses
BLIK barrel presses
with rinsing device
BLIK expanded
polystyrene compactor

BLIK compactor of contamined waste

BLIK Crushers
BLIK Separators
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and office materials
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