Barrel Press Blik Pf 16 / 25
Barrel Press Blik Pf 16 / 25
 With 17 or 25 tons pressing power. Suitable for light metal and rolled hoop barrels. High throughput - up to 100 barrels per hour.`With sump tray for residual fluid. Front inspection window

reduced surface of assembly, facilitating the installation
plate of compaction with points screwed for perforation of the barrels and vat of collection for the residual liquids facilitating the processing

punches for the maintenance of the barrel and the emptying of the air
Plateau compaction limit switch, the plateau descends to the bottom of the press
the piston is raised, the barrel is withdrawn, the liquid is evacuated and collected in the vat of retention

1: Introduction of the barrel 

2: compression and drilling

3: evacuation of the compressed barrel


PF16 barrel-press was with low punch and conveyor
Electric components Schneider, controller with display relay of security with detector of opening of gate
Assistance System for handling drums: conveyor roller (optional)




Model PF 16 PF 25
Pressing power in tons 17 25
theoric minimum duration of a cycle 25 30
Barrel type; 200 et 220 liters Light metal Light metal / hooped
loading opening (mm) 750 750
barrel dimensions up to 200 l (diam x H) 630 x 965 630 x 965
Hourly output in barrels 40 à 50 40 à 50
Retention-vat 80 litres 80 litres
Motor / Alimentation.(Triphasé) 5,5KW/400V/50Hz 7,5KW/400V/50Hz
Dimensions of machine
W x D x H in mm
1323 x 1090 x 2520 1323 x 1090 x 2520
loading height(mm) 250 250
Version ATEX possible possible
Machine weight in kg 830 1130

optional: roller-conveyor for drum-evacuation: L=1500, H= 810 + roller-conveyor for drum-introduction: L=4000, H= 810 + sliding door + displacement of the control box
All the technical data are approximate indications. - Subject to engineering or visual changes

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