BLIK Can and barrel presses DS serie:
to reduce the volume of metal containers, cans and barrels
BLIK Can and barrel presses DS serie DS7 et DS10
   The barrel and can presses DS7 and DS10 of a power from 7 to 10 tons, make it possible to reduce the volume of the boxes metal, of a capacity of 60 L maximum. in a high ratio.   

  It is the ideal equipment for the kitchens of communities, companies of painting, hospitals, garages etc..

The press ram is fitted with spikes, allowing air or gas to escape during the compaction cycle. Any liquid residues are collected within a sump.



MODEL   DS 7 DS 10
pressing power kN 6 10
Motor kW/V/Hz   1,5/400/50 1,5/400/50
overall dimensiones BxTxH cm 60x80x190 60x80x215
max. size of drums cm 040x50 040x62
comp. time+ return stroke sec 30 40
capacity / drums   80 80
total weight kg 250 280
All machines are available in explosion-save design.technical data subject to change
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