Apart from the hardware that we present to you on this site, we can study you and install sets integrating several successive operations without any intermediate handling.  Below some photographs of our achievements

BB 230

   BB230 Loader for small, button batteries.

      BB230 Crushers with load lock
     and rotary feeder

With extraction conveyor
for feeding
a plastic granulator

B400-370 output endless screw, filling BigBag

    B400-510 Bumper crusher on mobile trailer.

B 400
   B400-750 for large containers

 collection in 1000-litre receptacle.     

    shredder with
     conveyor feeder
      and evacuation

            B400-750 For shredding cartons with evacuation conveyor belt

 B400-370 Paper shredder with conveyor feeder and evacuation feeder.

B 600


           B600-500 For full ATEX paint pots with container remover

              B600-950 For paint pots with conveyor feeder for 30 m3 skips


      B600-500 Paper shredder on compacter with conveyor belt feeder.

B600 Extraction conveyor and cylindrical sieve for separating the contents and powdered products
B600 Printed paper shredder with conveyor belt evacuation.

grinding of hot bitumen



Crusher with raise-container and screw of liquid-solid separation

B600-510 + Q500-510
crushing of joints automobile rubber

crushing rolls of asphalt

B400-510 + BB350
Cascading Crushers + raises container

B350 + affineur
Crusher + refiner destruction of plastic film with hologram security

shredding cardboard plates


crusher on frame for vat 350 liters

break-bottle and small glass vials

            B400-510 crushing of coffee dosettes
+ separation aluminum and coffee + rinsing


barrel-press was with low punch and conveyor
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 BLIK Crushers – Shredders Special Installations

French design and manufacture



perforator + separation screw liquid-solid